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A 1-on-1 Virtual visit between you and one of the Doctors

How it Works?

Plan your visit to doctor near your location

How it Works?

Office Visit

Just choose the type of doctor you’d like to see, your insurance and location. We’ll show you a list of healthcare doctors with doctors’ available times, qualifications and verified reviews from other patients. Click on an appointment time you’d like and follow the quick steps to book your appointment in minutes.

How works 1 Choose a Doctor & Time
How works 2 Describe your symptoms
Visit 3 Upload Medical records / MRI / CT
Visit 4 Meet provider for consultation

What is a Doctor type?


Doctors that have unique expertise in their specialties and serve patients with complicated medical conditions. The elite doctors are those who have established national and international reputations in their fields. All of them are fellowship trained, board certified, and have at least 20 years of experience in independent practice. Additionally, they need to have hospital affiliations, and at least 10 publications in peer reviewed Journals in doctor's specialty or Nationally Recognized Award.


Doctors with preferred locations, flexibility for appointments, languages, etc. They are US board certified, fellowship trained, hospital affiliations, and have a minimal of 10 years of experience. They usually provide consultation for common medical conditions.


Doctors that are board certified, with or without fellowship training, hospital affiliation, and with less than 10 years of experience. They usually provide consultations for common medical conditions.

A 1-on-1 consultation Is a virtual office visit between you and doctor. The doctor will be able to view your medical records with you in the patient portal and discuss a diagnosis and the treatment options or recommendations. Some restrictions apply in accordance with Online Consultation Terms and Conditions.

How Online Consultation works

How works 1 Choose a Doctor & Time
How works 2 Describe your symptoms
How works 3 Payment info
How works 4 Upload Medical records / MRI / CT
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